SadhyamCast: Jagapati Babu, Priyamani, Keerthi Chawla
Director: Karthikeya Gopala Krishna
Music by: Chinni Charan
Directed by Karthikeya Gopala Krishna this is a complete romantic and action packed movie. Here jagapati babu has an ambition and he can go to any extent to achieve his goals.In the long run of chasing his goals, he met Priyamani who is the leading actress in this movie. And well what to say about Priyamani, she is damn hot in this movie exposing more than ever. So, this movie seems attract a lot of youths.Not only Jagapati Babu, Priyamani will also be seen in the character of a girl who will be fighting to achieve her ambition.Music by Chinni Charan is neat with some good dance number also. Story and screenplay are by Shyam Manohar looks repeatative but anyhow decent. Dialogues penned by Shyam and Maduri Madhu are superb with some new one also. So overall a good romantic action packed thriller is ready to bedazzle you.