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Director: A.S.Ravi Kumar
Producer: Pokuri Babu Rao
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Cast:Tanish as Ram,Pranitha as Badra,Charanraj
Release Date:16/7/2010
Em Pillo Em Pillado is an youthful entertainer movie with family drama sentiments. In which, Ram (Tanish) and Badra (Pranitha) studying in the same collage, initially they were fighting with each other for simple matters but after some instants they fall in love with each other but their parents refuses for their proposals for marriage.Rest of the story is about how these two lovers made their parents to accept their love and The film is being directed by A.S.Ravikumar and is being produced by Pokuri Baburao on ‘Eetharam Films’ banner. Mani Sharma composed Music.